CCF Catholics : The Flag: Civilwar Symbol or Separatist Symbol?

Supporters of the Confederate battle flag believe it represents Southern heritage and the distinct cultural traditions that make this region of the USA unique from the North. Because it has been prohibited by some businesses and universities, several Southerners demand on flying it as a way of exercising the right. Most that fly the banner of the Confederacy usually are not doing so to create a a statement that is political. To the contrary, it is viewed by them as a vestige of a past age. Many Southerners only travel the hole to pay homage to their forefathers, who may have now been Confederate troopers.

Because there are all those different perceptions of the Confederate banner among Southerners, it continues to be at the focus of several political controversies, especially during the Civil Rights Movements of the 1950’s and 1960’s. However, Civil Conflict historians are quick to mention the flag of the Confederacy simply signifies the South resistance to the North political dominance.

Symbols of the Confederacy remain controversial problem across Us, and the civic positioning of the Confederacy flag has been a topic of discussion that is vigorous in the South for decades.

Because of this, it remains a highly controversial issue.

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